Resources for Teachers And Instructors

Resources for Teachers And Instructors

The North Van City Mosaic welcomes program participants or classroom students of all ages to contribute to this community project.  We strongly encourage teachers and instructors to use the North Van City Mosaic project as a springboard for classwork, online learning, group activities, or workshops.

Anyone can submit a photograph, drawing, painting, or digital artwork. When participants fill out the form, they can choose to participate anonymously, with just their initials, or with their full name.

If the participants in your group do not have an email address, you can use the instructor email to upload the student entries. If participants’ access to a computer is an issue, you can download a paper form here, as well as our blank square PDF file here.

Elementary School Student Participation

If you are working with younger students in a class setting, you might choose the option of having the children draw or paint on paper instead of taking photographs. Here are a few suggestions if you decide to do so:

  • We love all kinds of drawings, so no need to worry about the student’s skills, drawing is about self-expression and telling a story for this project.
  • The artwork the students make can be any size as long as it is a square. For example, an 8 x 8 inch square drawing for will fit in a letter size paper and will be easy to scan. We suggest using our blank square PDF file to download and print out for students’ use.
  • We recommend students use ink, dark felts, charcoal, or paints; artwork with high contrast will show better on when uploaded on the Mosaic; graphite pencils are not recommended due to lack of contrast.
  • To create a digital file of your drawing, painting or print, scan your image in either black & white or colour, or take a photo of your artwork. You do not need a professional camera; a cell phone camera will work  great.

We encourage teachers and instructors to guide students with prompts and techniques of their choice or have students draw freely.

To assist in providing low-barrier participation, we have included the following resources that you can download:

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or to leave a comment

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