How to Participate

How to Participate

The North Van City Mosaic welcomes everyone who lives, works, or plays
in the City of North Vancouver to create an image of their COVID-19 story!

Step 1 – Plan

Reflect on what you want to remember about getting through this pandemic together. You can participate with a photograph or a picture of your artwork (drawing, painting, printmaking…). We love all kinds  of artwork, so no need to worry about skill or ability, this project is about self-expression and telling a  story. 

Step 2 – Create

  • You decided to share a photograph or digital artwork. The picture size must be bigger than 1024 x 1024  pixels (a typical cell phone photo will work great)
  • You decided to share a drawing or painting. You will need a digital file of your artwork. The artwork you submit can be any size , just know it will need to be cropped into a square format during the submission process. If you need more instructions about uploading art, please go to the FAQ at the end of this page.

Step 3 – Submit Your Image

You can participate anonymously, with your initials, or with your full name. An email address is required to submit an image to the North Van City Mosaic. You will receive an email to confirm your submission  to the Mosaic and upcoming announcements for Phase II of this community public art project. Emails  will not be made public or shared with third parties. 

If you choose to, you will have the opportunity to write a short text to let others know what your image  is about. Start by thinking about what you would like to share regarding your experience of the  pandemic.

Watch a tutorial video here if you need help:

Step 4 – Share With Your Community

Let your friends and family know about your artwork in the North Van City Mosaic! Your confirmation  email includes a link to your image in the Mosaic; share your link on social media, and don’t forget to  follow @NorthVanArts and tag #socialcollectiveCNV #NorthVanCityMosaic, and invite your friends to  participate!


If you do not have access to a computer or if you work with people who do not have access to a  computer, you can download a printable participation form here, as well as our blank square PDF file here. Fill out the form and make a drawing or a painting in the blank square and bring in or mail the  artwork and documents to North Van Arts: 335 Lonsdale Avenue. North Vancouver, BC V7M 2G3 

More Questions? Here Is Our FAQ


Can everybody participate?

Yes, we welcome all participations from people who live, play or work in the City of North Vancouver. Your picture will be part of the Mosaïc right after you submit the form.

Nevertheless, we might edit or refuse a participation if the quality is too low (blurry picture, frame and wall included in a drawing picture) or the content is inappropriate. In most cases we will try to communicate with you so you have a chance to modify your participation.

Can I upload a video ?

No the mosaic accepts only static images.

Do I have to live in North Vancouver City to participate ?

We accept entries by people who live, work or play in North Vancouver city.

So for example, if you live outside of North Vancouver City but work in North Vancouver city , or like to stroll on Lonsdale, the pier or the green necklace, or train in a City of North Van Community Center, take the Seabus, enjoy visiting the galleries… you are welcome to participate.

Do I have to write something?

It is not mandatory but we encourage you to share a text that will explain what your picture is about. Note that some of the texts might be used in future projects stemming from the mosaic.

How can I share my participation on social media ?

As soon as you submit your form, you will get an email with the specific URL of your picture. If you click on the email link you will get to your picture in the mosaic. Then you can click on the button “share on social media”.

You could also copy/paste the link from that email directly .

How many pictures can I enter?

There is a maximum of 4 pictures per participant. They could be individual pictures or they could tell a short story.

How to create a digital file of your art

To create a digital file of your drawing, painting or print, scan your image in either black & white or colour, or  take a photo of your artwork. You do not need a professional camera; a cell phone camera will work  great.

I don’t know how to resize my picture

You can use this free online tool to resize, adjust or crop your picture.

I don’t know what to share.

Whether it was important changes or minimal ones, everyone has felt some effect of the pandemic and confinement in their lives. Every story counts and has ripple effects on the whole community, the same way every picture shared on the mosaic has an effect on the whole picture.

You can share any kind of experience related to your life during these pandemic times. It could be about resilience, social isolation, anxiety for the future, loss, unexpected discoveries, slice of life…,

For example a newfound love for sourdough bread, toilet paper hunt, neighborhood solidarity, insomnia, 7 pm tribute, zoom meetings excess, challenges of working from home, homemade hair cuts, social distancing, impossibility to visit loved ones, working on the front line …

If I make a drawing or painting. How big should it be ?

You can make your drawing any size as long as it is square. If we print the final picture for an exhibition, your drawing will be automatically cropped so it can fit into the display of the mosaic.

You can also download our blank square PDF file and print it.

Is there a deadline?

Participation will be open until Fall 2021. 

What is acceptable or not as a picture of a painting or a drawing.

Not acceptable

More than your art is showing on the picture
Strong glare
Image is too blue or too yellow or too dark


Your art is cropped
No glare
Proper lighting
What picture can I enter?

Your participation could be photography, drawing, painting, mixed media. collage, digital art… in color or black and white.

We want original art and photography, because you need to own the copyright of your picture, For example, do not copy a picture you found online.

The mosaic tiles are square so if you enter a rectangular picture, you will be asked to crop your picture while submitting the form.

What should be my picture resolution/size ?

Most pictures by cell phones or camera have a big enough resolution and the website will automatically resize your picture. So as long as your picture is bigger than 1024 x 1024 pixels, it will be accepted.

What size should my artwork be, if I want to submit artwork?

For  example, an 8 x 8 inch square drawing for will fit in a letter size paper and will be easy to scan. We  suggest using our blank square PDF file to download and print out to use.

What would be inappropriate content ?

As much as we respect free speech, we also have to make sure that the project is visible to a large audience. We will decide on a case by case basis if the content shared is appropriate.

Where can I see the mosaic?

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